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“Honey, it's beautiful!”

“Wow – I love it, mom!”

“It's so expensive – you shouldn't have. But I'm glad you did!”

“Oh my gosh! Yes, I will marry you!”

Birthday, graduation, engagement, anniversary, retirement, the birth of a child - jewelry marks an occasion in a way that something like a purse or an appliance just cannot. What makes the gift of jewelry so much more important than the gift of another object, even when comparable in cost?

Those tiny treasure boxes hold so much more than just a beautiful bauble. They hold real worth in precious metals and gems as well as the value of exquisite craftsmanship. They hold the idea of love made tangible, of a promise indelibly made. They contain items which can stand the test of time, lasting decades, centuries, perhaps even millenniums.

Jewelry is personal– whether worn so frequently that it becomes a signature piece or kept in safety and brought out for rare occasion, jewelry is worn on the body, next to the skin. As gifts go, jewelry is very intimate.

In many ways a gift of jewelry conveys the value of the recipient to the giver. Jewelry denotes that the wearer is worthy of adornment, and worthy of investment. A gift of jewelry says, “You are beautiful. You are important to me. You are special. You deserve to be seen.”

And when we choose our own pieces, we are making that same statement of value about ourselves. That we are special, that we deserve to be seen.

Jewelry is perhaps the most widely used form of non-verbal personal expression. And it need not be expensive, or even made from precious materials, to convey what is unique about the wearer, or what is important to him or to her.

What makes jewelry so compelling?

We believe part of its draw lies in the intrinsic value of the materials. Gold, silver, precious stones all have inherent value. But the true measure of jewelry goes far deeper than the value of its materials. The art and craft of jewelry, the care of the maker, the untold hours spent dreaming up and then perfecting a design, learning the techniques required to bring that vision to fruition, to make the leap from idea to tangible object – these elements make up the greatest measure of the value of the object.

We are proud to claim one of the most extensive jewelry collections in the Flathead Valley. Of our 60+ resident artists, almost half are jewelry artists! We are pleased to bring you the work of artists from Bigfork and the Flathead Valley as well as from the great state of Montana, the Northwest, and from across the country.

Whether you are searching for fine 14k gold earrings to mark a special anniversary or birthday, or a simple sterling silver pendant for yourself, we think you'll be as excited about our selection as we are! Clean, contemporary lines, fine materials, and impeccable craftsmanship are the hallmarks of our jewelry. Keep in mind that much of what we offer is one-of-a-kind, and our collection changes frequently. Not finding what you want in our shopping section? Just give us a call at 406-837-2789 for personalized concierge service.